Welcome to DeathNotify, a service exclusive to Webacy. We have created the simplest, and most straightforward way to notify of a physical death, and then our goal is to help you work through final steps in managing their digital lives. This service works for both members and non-members of Webacy. If you’re a member and inner-circle member (you can log-in below), we will be able to help activate the Webacy plan for whomever had passed. If you’re not a member, our guardian team will reach out with our concierge service to help however we can.

Please drag and drop any version of the death certificate below: an image, document (PDF, Word, etc.) will suffice. We will automatically scan and input key details like the person’s name, birth date, death date, and more.

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Alternatively, to start the DeathNotify(™) process, you can simply paste an obituary URL here:

If you are a Webacy member, click here to log in and our guardian team will reach out to your email address on file.

If you are not a Webacy member, please enter your e-mail address below so our Guardian team may follow up with you: